Do any of the moms on here have any advice for nausea from progesterone pills? [#TTC + #momadvice]

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August 7 at 6:47am

I am not a mom yet, my dr has prescribed me progesterone pills to help kick start my cycles. Do any of the moms on here have any advice for nausea? I am on day 2 of this pill and I can barely start my day because of how sick I am.


Nabisco "Saltine" crackers

Nabisco “Saltine” crackers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • BTDT Mama Take it AFTER your first meal of the day has settled, take with PLENTY of water, and a light snack. And if it’s still an issue in a few more days call and tqlk to you Dr. about taking it later in the day or taking a half dose until your body acclimates to the additional hormones.
    Commented on by Erin Elizabeth ·August 7 at 7:06am · 
  • BTDT Mama And please call your doctor if you have worsening of nausea, abdominal cramping, clay colored urine, migraines or EXTREME irritability. Not everyone’s body responds well to hormone replacement. Give it some time as MILD GI symptoms tend to subside once your body adjusts. 
    Commented on by Erin Elizabeth ·August 7 at 7:13am · 
  • BTDT Mama If you have taken Erin’s advice and are still feeling nauseous, try some of the tips in our ‘Dealing with Car Sickness’ article. I would add sipping on an ice cold can of Sprite… I’ve heard a lot of people swear by the sea bands when they have morning sickness, so you might want to give those a try for ‘hormone sickness’!…/tuesday-tips-dealing-with…/

    My husband and stepson unfortunately have to deal with car sickness.  Although m See More
    Commented on by Alissa Dix · August 7 at 7:23am · 
  • Lorna Kahle Thank you so much! They told me this may happen for the next few months until my body adjusts. I do notice when I eat I feel better. They told me I should take it right before bed due to the drowsiness side effect. I will definitely try taking it after a meal to see if that helps and the sprite suggestion. Thank you so much!
  • Lorna Kahle I can’t thank you enough for your advice. Last night instead of taking it right before bed on a sip of water, I took it an hour after dinner and drank 3 bottles of water. I was a little groggy and slightly dizzy but It was no where near how bad it has been and I was not nauseous! I’m going to get a sea band too just to see how well that works! Thanks so much!
  • BTDT Mama Talk to your doctor about putting you on a nausea pill. Also try sea bands and dramamine
    Commented on by Lauren Vangelder ·August 8 at 7:18pm · 
  • Lorna Kahle The progesterone is compounded with b6 and b12 vitamins which should help nausea but it’s not working too much for me. When I call for my next month of pills I’m going to see what they can do for nausea. So far I’m on night two of taking it after dinner with tons of water and that is helping tremendously. I’m going to try a sea band too.
  • BTDT Mama Honestly I swear by drama mine that’s what I took
    Commented on by Lauren Vangelder ·August 8 at 8:37pm · 
  • Lorna Kahle K I will ask about that too 
  • BTDT Mama Dang spell correct its called dramamine its an over the counter sea sickness meds
    Commented on by Lauren Vangelder ·August 8 at 10:39pm · 
  • Lorna Kahle Oh gotcha! I will pick some up then
  • BTDT Mama (Still talk to your Dr first!:) )
    Commented on by Alissa Dix · August 9 at 9:42am · Like

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Getting Jo to Sleep in her Own Bed [#babysleeping]

20140817_220106JR and I decided that it was about time we made a concerted effort to get the kids in bed on time so we could have an hour of kid-free time in the evenings.  The plan was to have both kids sleeping in bed by nine o’clock and to enjoy each other’s company from nine to ten (our bedtime).  Getting TicksJr to bed the first night wasn’t much of a challenge, we bribed him with a movie in bed and he was already comfy cozy at around 8:30.  So then the focus was on Jojo… the plan was to get her ready for bed from 8:00-8:30, give her a bottle and story from 8:30-9:00 and then put her in her crib to go to sleep.  Now, previous to this, Jojo has generally fallen asleep in our bed and, in order for our plan to work, she was going to have fall asleep in her own bed…

When we put her in her bed, she started screaming bloody murder.  She wasn’t having any of that business.

I was prepared for this – I don’t know if I’m a heartless person, but besides stressing me out a bit it didn’t bother me that much that she was crying.  I knew she was fine.  I knew she was safe.  I had known this was coming and I had let JR know how this was going to go – but he just couldn’t handle it.  It was almost painful to watch him force himself not to go into that room and scoop up our princess into his arms.

Eventually she stopped crying and I looked into our room to see JR holding her and rocking.  Going in there and holding her had been part of the plan, but only after a certain amount of time had gone by.  Like 15 minutes…

And it had been about 7.

We somehow managed to make it through that night and she eventually fell asleep around 10:00.

The next night was pretty much the same thing, except I rocked her in the room for about 15 minutes while her sound machine made noise and colors.  Then I put her in the bed and she screamed for about 15 minutes – then I picked her up and rocked her in my arms again for about 15 minutes.  Then she screamed for about 10 minutes and fell asleep.  (See a pattern here?)


But then I was panicking that she died or something and I had to go in to check if she was still breathing.

Once I was reassured that she was still living, I joined JR in the living room and we enjoyed out kid free time.

It was delightful.

The next night we did the bed time routine and I rocked her for 15 minutes, put her down and she went right to sleep!

She did wake up once in the middle of the night crying (she even stood up) and I was about to get her, but then her sound machine came on and (to my shock & surprise) she laid back down and went right back to sleep.

A small miracle.

Here’s the sound machine we have:


The Munchkin Voice Activated Crib Light, but I got it when TicksJr was a baby (six years ago) and it looks like they don’t sell it anymore.

Here are a couple I found on that look relatively similar:


Nature’s Lullaby Player with Nightlight

The First Years Gentle Vibrations 3-in-1 Crib Soother

The second one is a lot more expensive than the first one, but the second one VIBRATES – which I would definitely recommend if you don’t already have a vibrating crib mattress.  (Side note:  I LOVE our vibrating crib mattress!)  Oh, and the second one has a light – ours has multi-colored lights, but Jojo doesn’t really seem to care one way or another about them.  Although, it is an easy way to get peek at your sleeping baby without waking them up…

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10 Uses for Baby Food Jars: Jewelry Container [#tuesdaytips]

20140828_100104I don’t know about you, but I have 10,000 empty baby food containers sitting around my house.  My husband asks me why I don’t throw them away (and then he calls me a hoarder) but I just KNOW I have uses for them.  So I decided to make a list of my top ten uses for old baby food jars/containers!

(These are not in any particular order.)

I just used a baby food jar this morning when I went to the gym.  How, you ask, did I manage to use a baby food jar during my morning work out?  I actually used it to store my jewelry.  I work at a college, so I can fit in a quick trip to the gym before I clock in – but I have to bring my clothing/jewelry with me.  20140828_100041The little baby food containers are the perfect size to hold a pair of earrings and a (long) necklace.

I was super excited when I thought this up this morning.  I’m sure someone out there has done this before… but there’s probably also someone out there who read this and was all like “EUREKA!  Now I know what to do with all those baby food containers I’ve been saving!”

You’re welcome.


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The Wiggly Squiggly Princess, by Alissa Dix [#booktour + #characterfunfacts + #childrensbook]

wiggly banner

November 11, 2013

The Wiggly Squiggly Princess Facebook Page


In the first book in The Wiggly Squiggly Princess series readers meet Princess Squeakers and her family, the Royal VonTootens.

Ages: 0 – 8

quote 3


This book contains fart jokes and may cause your children to giggle uncontrollably.

Quote 2



Princess Squeakers FUN FACTS!


1. Besides cheese and apple pie, I really like pizza and chocolate… and broccoli! Not together of course… that’d be gross.

2. I can do a cartwheel to the left, but not the right. (I’m left handed – lefties are the besties!)

3. I can figure skate forwards and backwards and do some easy jumps. I can’t do a triple-moo-cow, but I can bunny hop!

4. Until I was four years old, I believed my brother when he said my hair was orange from eating too many carrots.

5. My brothers and I race to see who can brush our teeth the longest. I don’t usually win, ‘cause the toothpaste is too spicy.

6. My favorite dolly is named ‘Miss Dolly’. I also have a duck stuffed animal that I sleep with every night named ‘Ducky’.

7. I can sing the ABCs forwards AND backwards.

8. I want a pet dragon.

9. I really, really want a pet dragon. Or a unicorn. Or a unikitty.

10. Even though I fight with them a lot, I really love my big brothers! When they aren’t being stinky, they are super fun to play with.



About the Author

imageedit_43_6799769237Alissa lives with her husband, step-son, son and daughter in a sleepy little town in Ohio. She has learned there are many, many, many different versions of Power Rangers and that five year olds know the difference between all of them.In addition to many freelance writing projects, she is the primary blogger on and

Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Email | Google+ | Amazon Author Page

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August is SMA Awareness Month [#SMAawareness] -Erin Elizabeth

10014603_716577655040285_1074872268_nSome of you may or may not know that I am a pediatric nurse. This March I lost my favorite kiddo in over a decade of nursing. She had a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It is the NUMBER ONE genetic killer of infants.

I wanted to share a little about Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and give everyone an opportunity to know a bit about the disease that took not only Sofia, but many of her friends. There is no cure, and not a lot of treatment options for these little warriors. This disease ravages the body, but leaves bright beautiful children with completely intact mental function. Can you imagine knowing everything you want, everything you need and not being able to always communicate it? Can you imagine watching you completely healthy, beautiful infant slowly lose motor function until they can no longer swallow, speak, crawl, roll over, or even scratch their own nose?

THIS IS SMA an ugly disease with the most beautiful angels. – Erin Elizabeth

Currently there are no tests during pregnancy that screen for SMA. Most of us parents find out the heartbreaking way by watching our children suffer illnesses and not meeting normal infant milestones. Bob had heard of SMA with his cousin, but I had never heard of it until Sofia was diagnosed. Even though Bob had heard of this disease, never did we think it would land in our world with our baby girl.I ask you for the month of August- if you could help us in these few little ways. It will make all the difference in the world!

** Share Sofia’s Angels for SMA page. Also join many of the other pages for the children who live with SMA. All of these kids are amazing and beautiful! Us as parents in this community love to share our children and are open to answering questions anyone may have.

** Change your profile picture to Sofia’s picture. For us she is our face of SMA.
** Change your profile picture to the SMA ribbon symbol or anything pertaining to SMA- if one person asks, it’s one person who will learn of SMA.** We will be sharing facts throughout the month regarding SMA. SHARE the facts and links so that others may learn about how SMA affects not just those with SMA but also how it affects our friends and family living with them!!

** Visit Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (FSMA) FB page and to see the latest research developments for a cure. You can also learn how to become involved, see fundraising events and purchase SMA merchandise which can also spread awareness!

Thank you in advance for helping us make SMA known more to anyone willing to learn about SMA!!!

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How young is too young for social media? [#socialmedia – EB]

Social Media apps

Hi all, EB here! I wanted to talk tonight about a topic that has been an issue in my household and I would love to hear your feed back! So…how young is too young for social media? Where do you draw the line? It’s these questions that my husband and I are dealing with right now  with our 10-year-old daughter.

It happened about 6 months when my daughter asked me to charge the iPod so she could use to play games on at her volleyball tournament. Of course I agreed, those tournaments get extremely boring. Like bang your head against the wall boring. I was putting away laundry in my closet when I saw it light up with a notification with a very familiar icon…SNAPCHAT! That’s right people! In my opinion it’s one of the scariest of the social media sites. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an app you can download that allows you to send a picture to an individual that they can see anywhere from 1-10 sec and then it disappears, not to be seen again. If you don’t have your settings correct ANYONE can send you a picture. This app is huge with the sexting fans. Not that I’m worried about my daughter sending unnecessary photos of her self to others. It’s more of what people could send to her.

Unfortunately the internet is not like it was when I was growing up. I know I’m making myself sound old but it’s the truth. I still remember the dial-up internet just waiting to see what nice people I could talk to in the different chat rooms. It’s back when everything was so innocent and before all the creepers invaded the world-wide web. I went as far as exchanging my home address with two people (one was a boy) to be pen pals. We talked about swimming, how our practices compared to each others and what school was like. Very innocent. But it’s not like that anymore and to be quite honest it scares me to death. I’m not stupid, there will come a time that my daughter will get to enter that world of social media. That’s inevitable. We live in a world of technology but when do you put your foot down?

My daughters friends and her cousin all have iPhone and are all allowed access to these apps. I am in no way looking down at these parents because they are all very kind, sweet people and their children are the same but I just feel that my child should not be exposed to this yet. Am I the only one who feels that same way? Because I’m starting to feel like I am the only one who does. Yes I could monitor what she does and who she communicates with but once a picture is sent on snap chat you have no way to see what was ever sent.

@adabot on @snapchat

@adabot on @snapchat (Photo credit: adafruit)

So needless to say when I saw this notification pop up on my iPod I freaked out. Who are these people, why is this happening. Once I talked to her and tried to explain how dangerous what she was doing was I was promised nothing like this would happen again. But not 4 months later she downloaded the app on my parents iPad and sent me a picture through Snapchat. All I could do smack my head. Did she really just do that? My daughter is academically very smart but lacks in the common sense department which she proved very clearly when she did that. Needless to say she was grounded when she got home and tried to explain it to her again the dangers. As I was looking through at who was sending her pictures, two names did not look familiar and I asked her about them. Sure enough she had no idea who they were or how they got her screen name. I believed her ( I’m great at catching her lying – it’s a gift of mine I’m very proud of) and then I immediately deleted her account on Snapchat.

I still don’t think she gets it. How far do I go to scare her not to do this? She is only 10. Think back on what you did at 10 years old.

I was a young mother and it still blows my mind on how quickly the web has evolved in such a little time. I guess all I can do is stick to my guns and hope and pray that I have raised her right so that when she gets older she makes the right decisions in life.

Thanks for listening!


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Jamma Lamma [#busymomproblems]

Roller Derby - Skate of Emergency

Roller Derby – Skate of Emergency (Photo credit: Gomisan)

I just want to do everything – all at the same time.  I see new things that I want to try (right now I’m obsessing over Roller Derby) and I drop what ever project I was previously working on in favor of the new one.  And I somehow think I can do all of these crazy ideas while maintaining a livable house, working full-time, and spending quality time with the family.

I’m doing the same thing with the kids – I signed TicksJr up for about twelve activities this summer.  I can’t help it.  Everything just looks so exciting… but WTH, YOLO right? (Isn’t that what the kids are saying these days?


This is where my obsession with Roller Derby has led me thus far – a llama on roller skates with a Jammer helmet.  I can’t join the Glass City Rollers because of my work schedule, so I had the (probably-not-so) brilliant idea that I would start a Roller Derby team… I have been advised that it is very a long, difficult, & expensive road… but it’s still fun so far.  The team name I came up with is NW Ohio Jamma Lammas.  Doesn’t make any sense, right?  I know.  I love it.

Where the heck do you think we could practice?  I called about an elementary school’s gym {the school is closed}, but I’m still waiting to hear back… Any other ideas?

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