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Mom Parody of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space [#momjoke]


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My kids loved Little Charmers on @NickJr [#LittleCharmers]

little-charmers-about-the-show-mainLittle Charmers

Nick Jr.


I had seen commercials for Little Charmers while my kids were watching Paw Patrol on Nick Jr. the past few weeks and I was pretty excited to see how it would play out.

I watched the first episode and it was a very cute show.

My 19 month old daughter has watched the same episode three times and it kept her interest each time!  That’s success in my book!

I’m excited to see if future episodes are as entertaining as the premier.

A great show for toddlers and preschoolers – 5 clouds.



Go to Nick Jr. to Meet the Little Charmers!

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Deer in the Headlights [#MondayMomories]

1604616_10201120206797605_590914637_n We were so certain that JoJo was going to be a boy.  Like 98.5% certain…  We knew boys, we already had two of them.

JR, my mother and I went to the ultrasound appointment – my mom was definitely hoping for a girl and I was secretly as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the boys, they were (and are) a ton of fun – but I was getting a little sick of Cars and Ninja Turtles.  I wanted some pink and princesses around the house… a little more estrogen, if you will.

10455304_10201788781911565_1128721802489787940_nThe ultra-sound tech put the wand on my stomach and immediately asked if we wanted to know if we were having a boy or a girl.  We were a little surprised at how quickly she was asking us, but we replied that we wanted to know.  The tech announced that we were having a little girl and my heart leaped.  I looked up at Jeff to see his reaction – his eyes were huge and his jaw was hanging open.  He looked like a deer caught in headlights!  I could practically see his thoughts running through his mind.  He had told me time and again he was terrified of having a little girl… he knew boys.  He knew how to handle boys, he didn’t know how to deal with little girls.  Little girls were breakable.  It took him a full twenty seconds to compose himself!

He eventually got used to the idea and (after a lot of convincing) decided he wasn’t going to accidentally break her.  Now he is wrapped around her little finger and she is a 100% daddy’s girl.


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10 Uses for Baby Food Jars: Travel Sewing Kit [#tuesdaytips]

 (I haven’t done this one yet, so I borrowed the picture from

With a little extra time and material, you can make this adorable travel sewing kit.  Great for trips or your desk at work!

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10 Uses for Baby Food Jars: Mini First Aid Kit [#tuesdaytips]

Now, I’ve seen a lot of wipe containers used as first aid kits – and I really like that idea… but I’m thinking a little bit smaller.  Empty baby food containers would make really good mini first aid kits to keep in your glove compartment, diaper bag, desk, or purse.

Possible items to include:

  • antibiotic ointment
  • band-aids
  • a couple aspirin
  • a wipe packet
  • a cotton ball
  • tweezers
  • lighter
  • needle & thread
  • plastic glove
  • stomach medicine
  • matches
  • hard candy (low blood sugar)
  • aluminum foil sheet (folded)
  • safety pin
  • gauze
  • other medications

*Make sure any medications are clearly labeled.

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10 Uses for Baby Food Jars: Car Air Freshener [#tuesdaytips]

20140828_074345I accidentally spilled milk in my van a while back and let me tell you, it STUNK.  The next morning I had, of course, completely forgotten about the stench and I needed something to improve the smell quickly.  I grabbed a plastic baby food container and a couple of Scentsy squares… voila!  Instant air freshener.

I stuck it up by the window while I was at work and when I came back, my van smelled like fresh apple pie.  Amazing.

20140908_184611Plus, it fits right in the cup holder and has a lid.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of that sooner!

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10 Uses for Baby Food Jars: Condiment Holder [#tuesdaytips]

Baby eating baby food (blended green beans)

Baby eating baby food (blended green beans) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was actually the main reason I started keeping the empty baby food containers – to store my ketchup, ranch or BBQ sauce.  Even though the plastic ones tend to leak a little bit, I love them.  The jars work a little better, they’re sealed better… but I usually just stick them in a zipped sandwich bag anyhow.

Shredded cheese for nachos, frosting, butter…. I’m sure most people will have thought of this use already, but you never know – it could be useful to someone!

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