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Deer in the Headlights [#MondayMomories]

1604616_10201120206797605_590914637_n We were so certain that JoJo was going to be a boy.  Like 98.5% certain…  We knew boys, we already had two of them.

JR, my mother and I went to the ultrasound appointment – my mom was definitely hoping for a girl and I was secretly as well.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the boys, they were (and are) a ton of fun – but I was getting a little sick of Cars and Ninja Turtles.  I wanted some pink and princesses around the house… a little more estrogen, if you will.

10455304_10201788781911565_1128721802489787940_nThe ultra-sound tech put the wand on my stomach and immediately asked if we wanted to know if we were having a boy or a girl.  We were a little surprised at how quickly she was asking us, but we replied that we wanted to know.  The tech announced that we were having a little girl and my heart leaped.  I looked up at Jeff to see his reaction – his eyes were huge and his jaw was hanging open.  He looked like a deer caught in headlights!  I could practically see his thoughts running through his mind.  He had told me time and again he was terrified of having a little girl… he knew boys.  He knew how to handle boys, he didn’t know how to deal with little girls.  Little girls were breakable.  It took him a full twenty seconds to compose himself!

He eventually got used to the idea and (after a lot of convincing) decided he wasn’t going to accidentally break her.  Now he is wrapped around her little finger and she is a 100% daddy’s girl.



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