Do any of the moms on here have any advice for nausea from progesterone pills? [#TTC + #momadvice]

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August 7 at 6:47am

I am not a mom yet, my dr has prescribed me progesterone pills to help kick start my cycles. Do any of the moms on here have any advice for nausea? I am on day 2 of this pill and I can barely start my day because of how sick I am.


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  • BTDT Mama Take it AFTER your first meal of the day has settled, take with PLENTY of water, and a light snack. And if it’s still an issue in a few more days call and tqlk to you Dr. about taking it later in the day or taking a half dose until your body acclimates to the additional hormones.
    Commented on by Erin Elizabeth ·August 7 at 7:06am · 
  • BTDT Mama And please call your doctor if you have worsening of nausea, abdominal cramping, clay colored urine, migraines or EXTREME irritability. Not everyone’s body responds well to hormone replacement. Give it some time as MILD GI symptoms tend to subside once your body adjusts. 
    Commented on by Erin Elizabeth ·August 7 at 7:13am · 
  • BTDT Mama If you have taken Erin’s advice and are still feeling nauseous, try some of the tips in our ‘Dealing with Car Sickness’ article. I would add sipping on an ice cold can of Sprite… I’ve heard a lot of people swear by the sea bands when they have morning sickness, so you might want to give those a try for ‘hormone sickness’!…/tuesday-tips-dealing-with…/

    My husband and stepson unfortunately have to deal with car sickness.  Although m See More
    Commented on by Alissa Dix · August 7 at 7:23am · 
  • Lorna Kahle Thank you so much! They told me this may happen for the next few months until my body adjusts. I do notice when I eat I feel better. They told me I should take it right before bed due to the drowsiness side effect. I will definitely try taking it after a meal to see if that helps and the sprite suggestion. Thank you so much!
  • Lorna Kahle I can’t thank you enough for your advice. Last night instead of taking it right before bed on a sip of water, I took it an hour after dinner and drank 3 bottles of water. I was a little groggy and slightly dizzy but It was no where near how bad it has been and I was not nauseous! I’m going to get a sea band too just to see how well that works! Thanks so much!
  • BTDT Mama Talk to your doctor about putting you on a nausea pill. Also try sea bands and dramamine
    Commented on by Lauren Vangelder ·August 8 at 7:18pm · 
  • Lorna Kahle The progesterone is compounded with b6 and b12 vitamins which should help nausea but it’s not working too much for me. When I call for my next month of pills I’m going to see what they can do for nausea. So far I’m on night two of taking it after dinner with tons of water and that is helping tremendously. I’m going to try a sea band too.
  • BTDT Mama Honestly I swear by drama mine that’s what I took
    Commented on by Lauren Vangelder ·August 8 at 8:37pm · 
  • Lorna Kahle K I will ask about that too 
  • BTDT Mama Dang spell correct its called dramamine its an over the counter sea sickness meds
    Commented on by Lauren Vangelder ·August 8 at 10:39pm · 
  • Lorna Kahle Oh gotcha! I will pick some up then
  • BTDT Mama (Still talk to your Dr first!:) )
    Commented on by Alissa Dix · August 9 at 9:42am · Like

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