Getting Jo to Sleep in her Own Bed [#babysleeping]

20140817_220106JR and I decided that it was about time we made a concerted effort to get the kids in bed on time so we could have an hour of kid-free time in the evenings.  The plan was to have both kids sleeping in bed by nine o’clock and to enjoy each other’s company from nine to ten (our bedtime).  Getting TicksJr to bed the first night wasn’t much of a challenge, we bribed him with a movie in bed and he was already comfy cozy at around 8:30.  So then the focus was on Jojo… the plan was to get her ready for bed from 8:00-8:30, give her a bottle and story from 8:30-9:00 and then put her in her crib to go to sleep.  Now, previous to this, Jojo has generally fallen asleep in our bed and, in order for our plan to work, she was going to have fall asleep in her own bed…

When we put her in her bed, she started screaming bloody murder.  She wasn’t having any of that business.

I was prepared for this – I don’t know if I’m a heartless person, but besides stressing me out a bit it didn’t bother me that much that she was crying.  I knew she was fine.  I knew she was safe.  I had known this was coming and I had let JR know how this was going to go – but he just couldn’t handle it.  It was almost painful to watch him force himself not to go into that room and scoop up our princess into his arms.

Eventually she stopped crying and I looked into our room to see JR holding her and rocking.  Going in there and holding her had been part of the plan, but only after a certain amount of time had gone by.  Like 15 minutes…

And it had been about 7.

We somehow managed to make it through that night and she eventually fell asleep around 10:00.

The next night was pretty much the same thing, except I rocked her in the room for about 15 minutes while her sound machine made noise and colors.  Then I put her in the bed and she screamed for about 15 minutes – then I picked her up and rocked her in my arms again for about 15 minutes.  Then she screamed for about 10 minutes and fell asleep.  (See a pattern here?)


But then I was panicking that she died or something and I had to go in to check if she was still breathing.

Once I was reassured that she was still living, I joined JR in the living room and we enjoyed out kid free time.

It was delightful.

The next night we did the bed time routine and I rocked her for 15 minutes, put her down and she went right to sleep!

She did wake up once in the middle of the night crying (she even stood up) and I was about to get her, but then her sound machine came on and (to my shock & surprise) she laid back down and went right back to sleep.

A small miracle.

Here’s the sound machine we have:


The Munchkin Voice Activated Crib Light, but I got it when TicksJr was a baby (six years ago) and it looks like they don’t sell it anymore.

Here are a couple I found on that look relatively similar:


Nature’s Lullaby Player with Nightlight

The First Years Gentle Vibrations 3-in-1 Crib Soother

The second one is a lot more expensive than the first one, but the second one VIBRATES – which I would definitely recommend if you don’t already have a vibrating crib mattress.  (Side note:  I LOVE our vibrating crib mattress!)  Oh, and the second one has a light – ours has multi-colored lights, but Jojo doesn’t really seem to care one way or another about them.  Although, it is an easy way to get peek at your sleeping baby without waking them up…


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