Jamma Lamma [#busymomproblems]

Roller Derby - Skate of Emergency

Roller Derby – Skate of Emergency (Photo credit: Gomisan)

I just want to do everything – all at the same time.  I see new things that I want to try (right now I’m obsessing over Roller Derby) and I drop what ever project I was previously working on in favor of the new one.  And I somehow think I can do all of these crazy ideas while maintaining a livable house, working full-time, and spending quality time with the family.

I’m doing the same thing with the kids – I signed TicksJr up for about twelve activities this summer.  I can’t help it.  Everything just looks so exciting… but WTH, YOLO right? (Isn’t that what the kids are saying these days?


This is where my obsession with Roller Derby has led me thus far – a llama on roller skates with a Jammer helmet.  I can’t join the Glass City Rollers because of my work schedule, so I had the (probably-not-so) brilliant idea that I would start a Roller Derby team… I have been advised that it is very a long, difficult, & expensive road… but it’s still fun so far.  The team name I came up with is NW Ohio Jamma Lammas.  Doesn’t make any sense, right?  I know.  I love it.

Where the heck do you think we could practice?  I called about an elementary school’s gym {the school is closed}, but I’m still waiting to hear back… Any other ideas?


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