Dealing with Car Sickness [#TuesdayTips]

The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead (Photo credit: mkrigsman)

My husband and stepson unfortunately have to deal with car sickness.  Although my stepson only has a touch of it, my husband is really really bad.  He can’t ride in a car for more than five minutes if he isn’t driving without getting sick…  Here are some tips we’ve picked up a long the way:

1.  Don’t eat sugary foods, acidic foods, dairy, or fried foods during the hour before you are taking a long(ish) drive.

2.  Take ice cold water or Powerade/Gatorade along with you.  Bonus points if you have a straw.

3.  Turn on the air conditioning or crack a window.  Cold air helps – and it helps even more if it blows into your face.

4.  Don’t try to read or play video games.

5.  Get out an walk for at least five minutes every hour of driving.  If you start to feel sick, try to pull over and walk for a few minutes.

6.  Avoid curvy, hilly or stop & go roads as much as possible.

7.  Use ‘Sea Bands’ (Adult Sea Bands or Child Sea Bands).

8.  Bring along saltines to snack on (or some other type of cracker that doesn’t have a lot of flavor).

9.  We haven’t tried Ginger pills or Ginger Lollipops, but I’ve heard people recommend them.

10.  And (for us they’re a last resort), medication like Dramamine.


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