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[Review] Fun Free Educational Games for Kids

Looking for fun, educational online games for your kids?  How about FREE, fun, educational games?  Here are a few that I’ve enjoyed!


More educational: 


Help your kids brush up on their history – while having fun!  Two events are displayed on the games window along with buttons that say ‘before’ and ‘after’.  The user has to decide which of the events happened first by clicking the buttons.  When the user gets the correct answer, the second event moves to the first’s spot and a new event shows up.  The user then needs to decide which of those two events happened first.  This game is fun, but very challenging – I recommend this one for Junior High aged students to Adults.

This game is ADDICTING!  There is just something super fun about popping bubbles – and that’s still true even when they are virtual bubbles!  The graphics are very simple, just letters floating upwards in bubbles.  The user has to type the letters as they float up the page and each time a letter is typed, the bubble pops.  As the levels advance, the bubbles start to come faster and there are progressively more each time.  When the user starts missing the letters and the bubbles start hitting the top of the game window, the bar at the top starts to turn red.  Once the bar is completely red, the game is over.  Simple, entertaining, and educational.

The graphics for this game a very simple, but having anything fancier would probably detract from the game itself.  This game is fast-paced and a lot of fun – which is saying a lot because the user is actually learning about geography!  I love that there are different levels and that the timer adds a competitive feel to the game.  I actually learned a lot from testing it out!  Did you know the capital of Brazil is Brasilia?


More fun:

This game is so much fun, it’s hard to believe it’s educational!  Guitar Geek is almost like Guitar hero, but you type the letters as they fall down the guitar strings.  It’s pretty cool – players are learning about music, rhythm and typing – but it’s actually a really fun game.  I have no rhythm what-so-ever, so I will be working on that by playing this game!

guitar geekguitar geek2

The graphics in this game are not exactly ‘high quality’, but they are very cute.  There are a few similar games on this site, but I liked this one the most because it wasn’t just one thing (bathing baby, feeding baby, clothing baby, etc).  It has multiple jobs, so you really are caring for your virtual baby!  One thing I really liked about this game is that it offers hints as to why the baby is starting to get upset.  This really helped out when the baby started crying and I couldn’t figure out why.  (I could really use those hints in real life too!)  This adorable game is perfect for preparing future big brothers and sisters for new siblings.
baby game

Warning!  This game is highly addictive!  Although the graphics are VERY basic, this game is a lot of fun.  There’s not a whole lot to it, the instructions pop up on the screen telling you which keys to press and then you move your dolphin character around to hit the ball.  This game will help players with timing and concentration – I was distracted by the little monkey that popped up from behind the palm trees.  It’s crazy simple, but crazy fun!
dolphin game

Do you kids want to be a dentist when they grow up?  Are they obsessed with the Biebs?  Now they can practice dentistry while staring into Justin Bieber’s cartoon face!  This may just be the BEST GAME EVER.  I seriously have no words.  You have to check this out!


  •  Some of the games have ads, but I don’t think they are that big of an issue.  The ads are there because the games are free – I’d rather have free games with ads then have to pay for the games!
  • I really liked new users can check out what other people thought about the game before playing.  Users can press either the green thumbs up or the red thumbs down to place their vote and results are displayed via a red and green bar beneath the game window.

rate baby game


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