Carter’s Ducky Security Blanket [#Review]

duckySo, JoJo has this ducky stuffed animal/security blanket thing that she sleeps with every night that JR’s mom got her when she was born. She’s not insanely attached to it yet, but it’s looking like we are heading in that direction… We noticed last night that it was getting a little dingy and JR suggested that we purchase another one as a stand-in so we can clean ducky #1 (we have an owl version for travelling – we’ve already instated the rule that ducky doesn’t ever leave the house). I went to scour the web today to find another ducky, thinking it would cost us like $10.00 at the most to get ducky #2. Nope. They are running $20-$40! Apparently, even though it was only nine months ago when ducky #1 was purchased, they are no longer producing this version of the stuffed animal.

ducky infoThankfully, I found it on eBay for $13 and some change. I’m super grateful I didn’t end up paying more for the back-up stuffed animal than my mother-in-law paid for the original! Truthfully, though, I am just really happy I found it at all. I probably would have still bought the damn thing, even at the higher price. Better to get it now at $20 while they still have some than hunt one down in two years when they’re like $80!


31DLW2OpTSLThis little ducky has been wonderful with helping our Jo fall asleep. It’s easy for her pudgy little hands to grasp and really soft. She loves to snuggle her little cheek next to the ducky’s head and drift off – perfect size. I love Carter’s products anyhow! They are one brand I can always count on to provide high quality products.

16_1000947_022266109488_A_400The only downside to ducky is that he is such a light color that ANY dirt shows up. TicksJr’s favorite stuffed animal is a Curious George plush and the dark brown hides the dirt a lot better!

The owl one is practically the same thing, although the Owl’s shape is a little harder for her to grab onto than the ducky.

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