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Work From Home Ideas: eBay

Let’s start with something easy, because I don’t have the mental capacity to get into something that requires more thinking right now…

Work from home idea number one is:  Selling your crap on eBay.

I was going to start with “Online Stores” and group eBay, Amazon, Listia, Craig’s List and Etsy all together, but since they are so different, I decided to split them up.

I realize that this isn’t horribly helpful.  The idea of opening up an online store has probably crossed your mind at some point in time, right?  Although I’ve purchased plenty of items from eBay, I’ve only sold a few items so far – so I’m far from an expert.  I have noticed that there are definitely items that sell a lot better than others – old textbooks are not in high demand, while baby clothes go like hot cakes.  It’s good to know what items are worth the work and which ones aren’t.

There are a few downsides to selling on eBay:

1.  It takes a while to figure out what actually sells.

2.  You need to have room to store your inventory.

3.  You need a place to take pictures.  The better the pictures, the more likely someone is going to take interest in your listing.  If your pictures look like crap, people aren’t going to click on them.  If people don’t click on them, you either don’t sell your item or you sell it for a lot lower than you wanted.  Look around eBay and note how the items with the most bidders are pictured.  I always hated seeing random clothes hanging from the back of a bathroom door or thrown on top of bedspread.  For small items, place them on top of a piece of white poster board – for large items, try to find a solid color wall that is painted in a light shade.  White backgrounds are usually the best.

Baby Clothes Box2

Baby Clothes Box2 (Photo credit: briandewitt)

4.  It’s a pain in the butt to ship out the items.

5.  It’s hard to figure out how much shipping should be.

6.  Figuring out a starting price is a gamble – should you put “free shipping” and then include the shipping in the starting price?  Or start the price lower and have shipping separate?

7.  Dealing with customers that don’t want to pay.

Selling on eBay can be a great way to make money from home, especially if you have a bunch of baby clothes to get rid of.  I, unfortunately, don’t have the time or the space to actually make this work currently.  But I keep thinking that I will in the near future, so I have a large container of baby clothes sitting in the middle of my living room floor.  And I’m pretty sure they will still be sitting there in another three months.

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[Insert creepy voice here] It’s BAAAAAACK!

Graduate Medical EducationObstetrics and Gynec...

Graduate Medical EducationObstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN)Surgery, scrubs, Surgery Center. Looking over medical notes at desk in hallway. (Photo credit: Mercy Health)

So, we thought we had gotten rid of the mastitis… but it’s back.  So now, my nipples are a flaming/pealing horrible red and now the infection has returned as well.  This is like the never ending boobie sickness.  The gift that just keeps giving.  I’m on my third antibiotic, taking anti-fungal meds, using topical steroids, I’ve given up nursing and sugar.  The current theory is that I don’t have a yeast infection, but my psoriasis is flaring up on my nipples, causing breaks in the skin – which leads to bacteria entering my breast and causing the mastitis.  The last time I was at the doctor, I removed my sports bra and quarter sized flakes of skin came off with it.  Yummy.

It’s been a month now and I’ve been to my OB-GYN probably about 8 times for this issue and to the breast surgeon twice now.  This last time I went to the OB-GYN they finally cultured my breast milk so they can figure out whether or not it’s yeast causing my nipples to be so damn crazy.  Hopefully we will know more on Friday when I have to go back yet again!

The breast surgeon says that it doesn’t look like cancer (I was worried about IBC), so thank God for that!

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Your 9-to-5 Is Hurting Your Baby’s Health, New Study Says

And more reasons for me to figure out how to work from home…

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Looking for Reviews: The Wiggly Squiggly Princess is FREE on Kindle eBook March 11-12!

51yTz2ZySyL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA318_PIkin4,BottomRight,-18,-18_AA300_SH20_OU01_The Wiggly Squiggly Princess is FREE for a limited time!

There are still a couple things I would like to fix (and I will), but I couldn’t wait to run a promo anyway!  I was just too excited to wait…

If you download a free copy, please take a moment to write a review.  If you write a review (good or bad) anywhere other than Amazon, please email me at and let me know where! I really appreciate it!

In the first book in The Wiggly Squiggly Princess series readers meet Princess Squeakers and her family, the Royal VonTootens.

Ages: 0 – 8

*Warning: This book contains fart jokes and may cause your children to giggle uncontrollably.

My kids love this book and I hope your family will too! 🙂

“This book was very cleverly done. The text was well written but I especially love the creative way the pictures were done. They were very unique and such a silly fun visual for young children. my 6 year old thought they were funny and my two year old kept wanting to grab the kindle from me to get a better look. The story uses funny words that would definitely make a child laugh yet uses a fine line so that it remains classy. Love it. My kids loved it and I know yours will too. I highly recommend this children’s book to all young children and their parents. Very well done. Nice!”

isc_190x190.2731409907_op3hAbout the Author

Alissa lives with her Fiance, step-son, son and daughter in a sleepy little town in Ohio. She has learned there are many, many, many different versions of Power Rangers and that five year olds know the difference between all of them.

In addition to many freelance writing projects, she is the primary blogger on and

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I curse you SAHMs.


Housewife (Photo credit: garryknight)

I cringe every time I see a friend on Facebook with their work listed as “mommy” or “stay-at-home mom”, not because I think there’s anything wrong with being a SAHM, quite the opposite… I am green with jealousy.  I will admit it.  I am extremely jealous of the moms that get to stay home with their kids every day.  I hate paying someone else hundreds of dollars a month to do what I want to be doing myself.  I. want. to. raise. my. kids. dammit.

So why don’t I just do it then?  Because my husband and I haven’t reached the point where we are willing to give up our current lifestyle just yet.  We like buying pizza on a Friday night or eating at the local diner after church on Sundays; things that would disappear if we didn’t have my income.  Could we do it?  Yes, we probably could.  We are currently teetering at the edge of the decision, waiting for that little push we would need to take the plunge.  We have our excuses:  we’re buying a house, waiting to see if JR gets a new job, still working on setting up a budget, and trying to increase my income I’m bringing in from my outside projects (

I know there are situations where it is nearly impossible financially for one parent to stay home.  I get that.  But I would assume that a lot of people are more in a situation similar to ours, where they COULD, but they would have to give up things they don’t want to.  Like cable TV or cell phones or Chai Lattes…  And then there are couples where both WANT to work full-time.  I get that too.  I don’t think it’s in the best interest of the kids or the family as a whole, but I understand it.

It sucks that being a SAHParent isn’t what is expected anymore.  It would have been so much easier to give up the income that my job provides if that’s what society expected.  We’d just deal with it.  But no, somewhere down the line it was decided that families don’t need a parent to stay home with the kids anymore – it has become the norm to let somebody else raise our kids.  Now, I’m not saying that only women should be SAHPs, men are perfectly capable of being a stay at home parent as well.  Women have traditionally taken this role since we are hardwired to take care of our young, but I know of quite a few men who are/would be wonderful SAHDs.  I just think that our society would be much better off with a parent or guardian completely focused on our offspring’s well being (and the well-being of the working parent as well).  

Running a household, even though it’s main office is your home, is a real job and should be treated as such.  A SAHP is a twenty-four hour, jack-of-all-trades kind of job and you have to have balls (or ovaries) to be able to handle it.

I keep talking about “staying home” and I have all of these ideas in my head about budgeting and working from home… but I’m scared.  And I am reluctant to give up things like weekend vacations, shopping and eating out.  In the end, it will come down to how much we want to do this.  Taking care of a house and family is TOUGH enough, let alone trying to do it on top of working full-time.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  I’m not sure who decided that (traditionally) women don’t have enough on their plate, so they should go out and work full-time as well.  Whoever it was, I’d kind of like to kick them.  Especially when I’m doing the dishes and laundry at ten o’clock at night after working all day.  Or when I miss out on getting my son off the bus.  Or my daughter’s first steps.  Or any other of the thousands of amazing moments in parenthood.  Sucks for me that I’m paying someone to experience those for me.

Keep a look out for my next post on Work From Home Ideas.

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