Monday Mom Confession 2: Marshmallow Bandit

A box of Lucky Charms from 2011

A box of Lucky Charms from 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My son’s favorite cereal is Lucky Charms, so I find myself pouring a bowl of it just about every morning.  Unbeknownst to him, before I pour in the milk, I steal quite a few of those crunchy, food coloring-laden, sugary bits that are scattered around the top.  I justify this thievery in my head by saying that they were bad for him anyhow… I’m just doing my mom duty and keeping him safe, right?  He doesn’t need that much sugar!  I’m actually sacrificing myself by ingesting all of that bad-for-you junk that they put in those tasty little treats.  Then I think to myself that I really should be saving the rest of the family from that little scheming leprechaun as well, and I steal a few more from the box.  Just taking one for the team.  (This whole time I’m hiding away in the kitchen while my son is obliviously getting dressed in the bathroom…)


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