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But It’s Just the Right Size for Soaking My Feet


I had a choice between spending $50 on a pedicure or a crock pot this weekend.  Guess which one I chose?

If you know me at all, then you probably guessed the pedicure.

But you would be wrong.

I know.  I’m staring at my yucky feet and wondering how I could have possibly made such a ridiculous impulse purchase.

This all comes from being too helpful and having a birthday.

One of the teachers at school needed a bit of technological help, so I came to her aid.  She was beating herself up about her inability to pair her iPad with her computer, so I said, “Well, I’m a horrible cook.”

This gave her the idea of “rewarding” me with 2 slow-cooker recipes that supposedly take absolutely no skill.  And one of them even includes my favorite beverage – Diet Coke.

The problem is that the only slow-cooker we…

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Monday Mom Confession: Brownies for Breakfast

Chocolate brownies

Chocolate brownies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I haven’t even committed the crime yet. I have a half of a pan of brownies in my kitchen (the kind my mother-in-law makes that are AMAZING) and I am totally about to dig into them when I go and grab my second cup of decaf coffee. Oh yeah, and I didn’t even work out this morning, so that’s a double whammy! I’m pretty sure the hubby had the same idea this though, there’s a kitchen knife in the pan which was definitely not there last night!

And of course I waited until Brady was safely off to school… can’t have him seeing Mommy eating deserts for breakfast…

What’s your Monday Mom Confession?

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Bundles of Baby Joy: Reasons to Skip the Store Bought Stuff: Making Baby Food at Home

Take a minute to check out my Guest Article on Bundles of Baby Joy!


Making your own baby food can benefit both your baby and your wallet.  It might take a little more time and energy, but you’ll be happy that you made the effort to do what’s best for your little one.  By making your own baby food, you are in control of what goes into that precious little body.   You will know that the food you serve your baby is fresh and nutritious.  Who knows how long that packaged stuff has been sitting on your grocery store shelf!

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English: The typical, but counter productive e...

English: The typical, but counter productive educational ideal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, I haven’t been a very good blogger.  I’ve been trying to keep up with my 8 week old and she sure is demanding!  I thought I’d have all of this free time during my maternity leave.  HA.  That’s a joke!  I can barely get the dishes done and the laundry put away.  At least I get to sleep at night… well, kind of.  I haven’t been sleeping that well, but it’s not because of the baby.  Josie sleeps all through the night already, but I’ve been getting up at 3 AM to pack the hubby’s lunches (he’s been scheduled to go in at 4 AM).  Unfortunately, without him in bed I have a terrible time getting back to sleep.  So I’m usually up til 5 or 6 playing on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest when I should be writing or working out or something else productive.  I always think that if I just don’t get up then maybe I’ll fall back to sleep… and then I wait.  And wait.  And wait… but the sleep never shows up.  TOMORROW I am going to get up and be productive if I don’t feel sleepy.  I swear.  Really.


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