Return to the Land of the Living


My Pregnancy has finally come to an end!  I was really, really beginning to think that I was going to be pregnant forever, but I finally had a c-section on July 19th.  We went in for an ultra-sound on the 18th and they were estimating our baby to be 11 lbs 5 oz at that point in time… so they scheduled a c-section! (She ended up being 10 lbs 10 oz) Although it has been over a week since my darling chunker was born, I’m just now returning to the “land of the living”.  It was entirely too hard to focus on anything but her until now!

I am slowly getting caught up with emails and other business related functions… but it’s tough!  I feel like I should be doing ten thousand other things, like cleaning the dishes or laundry… or sleeping….



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3 responses to “Return to the Land of the Living

  1. I know it’s hard but get the rest you need (and deserve!) Wow, 10’10! And I thought my 9 pounders were big babies 😉
    Congrats momma!

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